Ride along on a trip to Key West in this video by Trop Rock Junkies member Steve Tolliver.

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Island Man Productions, LLC Presents...The Rock Band with a Tropical Twist

Live at the 2017 Music On The Bay Festival


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TRJ in concert...Party Never Ends Jam

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TRJ's Steve Tolliver

Cruisin' with the Trop Rock Junkies

The Boat Drinkin' Cruise sets sail April 14-20, 2018 on board the Norwegian Escape out of Miami for a 6 day cruise that includes Nassau, Bahamas, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Georgetown, Grand Cayman 

In it's 3rd year this cruise has become a parrot head and trop rock music fan favorite.

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Trop Rockin' New Year's Eve
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 Trop Rockin'
New Year's Eve Party

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Steve Tolliver's 5th Annual

Sunday Dec. 31st, 
Magnuson Resort, St. Petersburg, FL