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Music Video

Past Trop Rock Music Association awards and nominations: 
2016, 2017 & 2019 Band of the Year Nominee,
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Horizon Award Nominee, 
2012, 2013 Song of the
Year Nomination,
Winner 2014 
Songwriter of the Year
TRJ's Steve Tolliver

TRJ in Concert 2018 - L.A. Freeway

Live Performance

Trop Rock Junkies perform "California Sun" at the 2020 Music On The Bay festival.

California Sun

Music On The Bay Festival


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Ride along on a trip to Key West in this video by Trop Rock Junkies member Steve Tolliver.

Live at the 2017 Music On The Bay Festival

Live at Music On The Bay 2019
TRJ performs Pascagoula Run

Trop Rock Junkies
Celebrate their
10th Anniversary

Shows Cancelled
Corona Virus

Please Help

Dear TRJ Fans:
     Spring is festival season, and our busiest time of the year. All of these cancellations due to the Corona Virus are having an impact on the Trop Rock Junkies during what is supposed to be our busy season.
     I have set up a Go Fund Me Account to help out a few of the band members who rely on our performances to pay the bills and could use your support. Please donate. I will not be taking any of the donations for myself. Just those band members who need help until we can get through this tough time and get back to what we love doing most, performing for you.
     Thank you for your support. TRJ fans are the best.